Too much, too soon? (Read 416 times)


    I'm planning on doing my first half at the end of May this year.  I'm currently running about 20 miles a week, and I'm not worried about my time in the race, just finishing.


    Is it too soon to register for a second race on June 23?  Is a month long enough to recover, rest, train for a second half?


    I am excited but don't want to get too ahead of myself and get burned out or injured.


    Thanks in advance for the advice

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      If you don't have a time goal, it doesn't matter. by June you could be covering the half Marathon distance every other week.

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        Not worried about time? Too soon? Not at all IMO. You might even surprise yourself when you do it. My very first event was a half and I told myself that if I came in under 2:30 I'd be happy. I came in at 2:18.


        Now as for doing a second half a month later...that'll depend. I know that I wouldn't have been able to run another half that soon after my first, but I didn't prepare well enough beforehand and paid dearly for it. I was limping for 2 weeks after my first event. But again, if you're just looking to finish, you'll probably be fine. Good luck my friend. Smile


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          A month is long enough to recover from the first, but not to do much training before the second.   You should be OK to run the 2nd one though.



            Plenty of time.

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