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    Hi Guys First post so be nice !! Been running since Nov last year - seemed to be going well. But as soon as I run more than about 6km or get slightly faster then what seems to be (self diagnosis) PF kicks in. When I first started I had a lot of calf pain that I stretched and stretched and stretched out until it has now totally gone. PF seems to be getting better - I stopped for two weeks to see if it would go - then just comes back with full force. I have properly fitted shoes from a decent running shop. Before I go to the physio and part with hard earned flying vouchers - any thoughts or tips? Stretches? What has worked for you? What am I doing wrong? Chris (Macclesfield UK)
      I am not an expert but I've been noticing by reading various boards that even 'properly fitted shoes' by a 'professional running store' don't always deliver. Typical example is what happened to our friend here, Claire. http://www.runningahead.com/forums/topic/f305d9edfc8e4c6b9306df6085378f5c Have you tried running in different shoes to see if the problem repeats? Just a thought. Ewa
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        Chris, I got thru a mild case last year doing these 4 things: (1) Warming up/ Stretching PF area with a light massage BEFORE hopping out of bed and putting weight on it (2) At my desk at work, massaged foot during the day with golf ball (3) Stretching hamstrings after every run (I'm still doing this) using different rotation angles of the foot (ballet stretches). I read somewhere that tight hamstrings can influence PF. (4) Run EZ for a while (no speedwork). Check here for ideas: http://www.pponline.co.uk/encyc/0180.htm There are lots of other things to try. I'm a big believer in the stretching/strengthing type of solutions. Good Luck

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          Thanks folks - all very helpful. Chris
            Orthotics worked for me.
              I tried orthotics, but it didn't really do anything for me (plus they're damned expensive!). But once I got a quality pair of shoes, things got better. I happen to be a larger than normal runner (about 240 lbs right now), but motion-control shoes with a rollbar (or similar apparatus) in the sole of the shoe did wonders for my PF. It's definitely worth a try, and much cheaper than orthotics.