Turning legends on/off on charts (Read 337 times)

    I have noticed that it is only the bar chart that has a box with legends on the right hand side which describes the colors on the graph.


    I find this rather unfortunate, because it results in charts placed underneath each other not having the same width, because the legend takes up some of the width of the total image. This means that I cannot easily compare the same time interval for a bar chart and another type of chart.




    Chart example


    Notice how the same time interval is shifted to the right on the lower chart.


    I would like to suggest an option for turning on/off the legends, so we can have charts with the same width, thus having comparable time intervals on the same vertical lines through all charts.

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the awesome graphic!  I'm planning to update the charts as part of my training log revamp project.  I'll make the charts consistent then.


      eric Smile

        Thanks. I will be looking forward to that. Smile