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    I don't know much about running, but I've always wanted to be a runner.   Every time I tried to work up to running, I'd have some weird injury and I'd get discouraged like perhaps I'm just not built for it.   Always been moderately overweight.


    Long story short, when everything shut down because of CV19 I just started walking lots and lots almost every day, sometimes 70-80 miles a week.  I'm back at work now so my daily average is lower but still above 8 miles a day, I try to make them a rigorous pace.  I think I've lost around 25lbs since I started.  I began taking a protein powder supplement about a week ago after realizing there's probably not enough in my diet, and I finally feel like my legs are getting strong enough to start running and not twerk an ankle, knee, or hip.   So I'm working some gentle jogging into my long walks.


    I'm not looking for any specific running advice at the moment, but I would like to meet some people who are runners and whom I could talk to about my endeavors.  I have one IRL friend who is a runner, we go for a walk once a week and I hope to start running with her soon.


    I did run track one year in grade school and cross country one  year in middle school, even though I was "the fat kid" and met with much derision at the time.   I am 36 now and my hurt feelings about that stuff are finally starting to fade away into the past.  I just want to run because it feels good.


    Thanks and nice to meet you.



      This is awesome, congrats to you and welcome.

        I was the slow kid on the grade school track team and I hated running.  For some reason, I started running again in my 30s, and liked it.  Sounds like you're doing great.  Keep it up!

        8/22/20 Headlands Marathon (remote possibility)  Of course not, canceled

        9/26/20 Bay Ridge 100k (hopefully) Nope, canceled

        11/21 Dinosaur Valley 100 mile (hopefully)


        robin from maine

          Sounds like a success story in progress. Congratulations and keep up the good work.