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    Well. Now I have done it. I am most of the way through the Omnivore's Dilemma and instead of getting any work done this afternoon I am researching CSA subscriptions in Nashville. Sheesh. CSA = Community Supported Agriculture, where you subscribe to deliveries from a local and typically organic or biodynamic farm. Yes. The book is fairly transforming. And I already avoided processed food and don't eat red meat or poultry. Double sheesh. The CSAs I am considering - http://www.delvinfarms.com and http://www.sylvanusfarm.com/ This third one is also supposed to be good, and is older and also biodynamic in addition to organic (although all three appear to be). http://www.barefootfarmer.com Oh. Yeah. Go out and read the book.


      Good job Trent! Besides being healthy you are supporting a chemical minimizing form of agriculture which in the long run can be sustaining. I get my produce from a Washington Based CSA (Full Circle Farm) which has a huge support within Alaska. Picked on Tuesday, shipped up Wed, Thursday and in our front door on Thurs afternoon. Yummmmm...I love leek potato soup. Don't ask my kids about that! Tongue Oh and thanks for the tip on the book
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        I am a huge believer in natural foods in their simplest possible form. Ever since I transformed my diet to unprocessed whole foods my health improved dramatically. Running helped too. I am very interested in reading this book and I will get it as soon as I come back from Poland. Thanks for posting about it. Ewa
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          And my rice, where does it come from? My farm raised organic fish, do they eat commodity corn or something closer to their natural diet? Should I ever eat an out of season piece of fruit, chilled by burning petroleum? Dang. The book can shake your foundations...

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            Good thing you specified what CSA you meant. I was afraid you'd gone all secessionist on us, and were going to force us to now call you Jefferson Davis.