Injured tailbone? (Read 53 times)

    So.....I slipped after exiting our friend's hot tub and landed hard on my ass. It's really sore. I've been told there's not much that can be done, so I've just been sitting on an ice pack a few times a day and trying to keep pressure off it as much as possible. I did run a little yesterday. I could feel it for sure, but it wasn't awful. I've heard tailbones take quite awhile to heal. Any other advice?



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          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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              I suffered what may have been a similar injury a couple of years ago - slipped on some ice while running to work and landed hard on my backside.  Pretty painful.  It was about 7-10 days before I could run normally again, I just waited until it stopped hurting and then started running easy for  few days - back to normal after that, with no problems.


              Not much help, I know; I hope you have a swift recovery.

                I have been dealing with this same issue for some time.  I broke mine 20 years ago and recently it has started giving me fits.  I have found that using one of those travel neck pillows works better than the donut.  The donut has the hole in the center, that is not where your tailbone is.  Try putting the neck pillow on your set with the open part in the back.  Helps a lot for me.  Good luck!  I understand your pain!

                  Good to know that maybe I'll be somewhat normal in a few more days, hopefully.


                  Kathy, that's a great idea--thank you!

                    Ouch. I had this once (unfortunate rowing machine accident) and it took about 2 weeks before I could run without pain. Good luck!!