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    At last I have managed to log over 100 miles in 1 month! And in the same month we have been blessed with the arrival of baby Emma. And I managed to set a new PR for 10k. It just goes to show that if you put your mind to it you can still ge your miles in even with the odd quiet week due to races or child birth (I only manged to run twice that week but still managed 19 miles). All I need to do now is keep this up until October and hope I get a place for London next year ! Take care Nev
      Awesome, Nev! Congrats on the milestone!

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        Sweet, this was my first 100 mile month too. MTA: 2nd baby due in November. The first will be 18 months...I may not hit 10 miles that month. Cry


          Congrats! Me too...on the 1st 100mile month and 10K pr.... All done in baby making dept.
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            Sweet, this was my first 100 mile month too. MTA: 2nd baby due in November. The first will be 18 months...I may not hit 10 miles that month. Cry
            LOL!!! That's Tom Cruise in Top Gun!!! LMAO! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to say, Good job guys!


              Nice work, Nev! Won't be long and 100 mile months will be the low ones. Smile

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                great job Big grin

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                  Is there something in the air. This is my first 100 mile month in about a year. I'm not sure because CR log lost . Congrats on the miles and the little people. Big grin

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                    Well done mate!
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                      Nice job man!

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                        Congratulations on all counts, Nev. The 100 mile benchmark is awesome! Try and stay consistent with it now.

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                          Thanks chaps and cograts to all the other 100 milers. Nev

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                            Almost a 100 miles last month. 95.9 was my total. I had a bachelor party out of town that kept me from those last 4.1 miles. I was going to run Saturday morning but...ummm...the hangover wouldn't let me do it. I don't drink often enough and I drank too much so I was not feeling it...oh well...this month should be the month. Congrats on your 100 miles, your new addition to the family and the 10k PR.