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    On really cold days I wear my softshell jacket over a t-shirt, but on warmer 20-45 degree windy days has anyone found the truly breathable windbreaker? I occasionally use my 3 ounce 40 denier nylon windbreaker, but moisture always builds up in it. I have been looking at clothing with Gore-Tex Windstopper® N2S. Anyone have advice?

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        I have a super bright and very ugly pullover from Nike that is great. Very visible, and seems to regulate temperature pretty well.

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          I have a Mizuno (I think the model name is Rebel) that I REALLY like. Got a good deal on it at Holabirdsports.com

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            Even the most breathable fabrics can't really keep up with vigorous exercise in relatively warm temperatures. You'll always get somewhat sweaty. Gore tex breathes best in cold, dry conditions. The best compromise is probably something with vents you can easily adjust.
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              20-45 degrees and wind I usually wear a vest. With a long sleve shirt on the 20 end and with short sleves on the 45 end. MTA; but I second Mishka's suggestion.

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                Sorry, I couldn't resist. This is why I'm still not allowed at the grown-ups table.
                good call...

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