Marathon finish heart rate (Read 1248 times)

    Congrats on the finish! I ran the same race and came in 14mins behind you - also a PR for me, but then anything would have been as it was my first ever race


    Chipping in on the garmin thing, I don't often wear my HR strap, but I've noticed a few times I have HR readings for a km or so - I think what happened was that I picked up someone else's signal when running too close. Given how many people were in that finish stretch, interference from someone else's machine doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility


    I hope you've had a great experience.  I have limited marathon experience, but I found the Ottawa marathon very well run.  Great organization, plenty of volunteers, the course is pleasant and there is good crowd presence. 


    I had the heart checked.  I have moderate mitral insufficiency, causing a heart murmur.  The doc says it's made neither worse nor better by running. Doc was skeptical but noncommittal about the finish line anomaly.  I'll take my chances and keep running.

      The modern heart rate straps don't interfere with each other once the watch and strap are in sync. However as others have said the reading can be off when you're either too dry or too wet. EM fields can also mess with them - I've seen some crazy readings running under high voltage power cables.