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    What empiric research data was the speaker using as evidence to support his assertions and recommendations?



    Umm, don't know.  I tried listened to it and entertain two toddlers while the family picked up their race packets.  The speaker was the head nutritionist for the Orlando Magic.  The race pamphlet listed the person as a nationally renowned speaker on nutrition.  The OP asked for suggestions about vitamins and supplements and I gave just that.  The suggestions were taken from speaker at a running expo and geared the talk towards runners.  Take it for what it's worth. 

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      there's a ton of research of rampant vitamin d deficiency in our day. I had my levels tested just for shits and now take a multi-vit daily that loads up the vitamin d. I don't really know much about the oil stuff...I eat a lot of fish and nuts and assume I get enough healthy fats, but maybe if someone wasn't getting enough? meh, who knows...


      Not trying to hijack, but just a quick question. Does the US fortify much food with Vitamin D?

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        Not trying to hijack, but just a quick question. Does the US fortify much food with Vitamin D?


        Milk is all I'm aware of.

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          Not trying to hijack, but just a quick question. Does the US fortify much food with Vitamin D?

          I don't think most countries do much more...US does milk and cereals mostly, Canada does milk and margarine.

            Milk is all I'm aware of.


            Various other types of milk have fortified Vitamin D as well:  Soy, Rice, etc.

              Was at a half marathon expo last weekend and while we were there, they had a nutritionist speaking about essentials for runners.  Much of it was basic diet principles but the speaker geared it towards runners.  Biggest suggestions around vitamins and supplements are to take the following:


              -  Multi-vitamin

              -  Vitamin D (at least 2000 IU)

              -  Fish oil (at least 1000 mg, depending on what you get in your daily diet)


              There are a lot of other variations of vitamins you can take but the speaker said these are the most important for runners.


              The speaker had general suggestions around daily liquid intake as well.  Most obvious is stay hydrated with water.  During exercise, you have to be careful with how much you sweat.  Taking in just water during extended periods of running doesn't replenish the needed electrolytes you lose through sweating.  You'll want to find something you and your stomach can tolerate.


              I would broaden these suggestions and say that these suggestions pertain to "anyone" not just runners. If we are in a southern climate and are outside regularly, eat omega 3 rich fish a couple times per week and eat a balanced diet with ample amounts of fruits and vegetables, then the above recommendations are not necessary. I would argue that less than 5% of the population does what they need to get what they need.


              Vit D deficiency is prevalent. I see it everyday and recent findings suggest it can have major effects on health. Fish Oil helps tighten that delicate balance/ratio between Omega3/Omega 6s oils. Most western diets don't give us enough Omega 3s and our cells can't function without them. Omega 3 starved cells eventually break down and get diseased. In our world of processed foods we are getting an abundance of Omega 6s but little Omega 3s. There is a lot of research to suggest that Omega 3s from fish oil have positive effects on inflammation and many facets of general health. So, these suggestions not only pertain to the runners but all people.

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                Wow. There's a lot of good information here. I'm pretty sure I'm getting enough Vitamin D in the vitapak that I'm taking. I also eat pretty healthy, even though I don't really do dairy because I'm lactose intolerant.


                I kind of had a breakthrough with my last run. I did a GU gel with caffeine, and it really helped, I felt better than the last couple times I ran 14 miles, and this time I did 16, so I think the caffeine definitely helped. I'm thinking about trying the GU variety pack to see what's out there in terms of GU stuff. I don't usually do caffeine so I was a little worried.


                I'm going to check out the ALIVE vitamin, because it gets awesome reviews.


                  There's a lot of information in here.


                  Not sure that it is all GOOD.