Group runs at night (Read 74 times)

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    What makes you want to join a group that runs after dark weekly?


    Rank the reasons that apply in order:


    A) Social aspect before and after?

    B) Safety of a group?

    C) Learning new routes?

    D) Being challenged to run faster?

    E) write in....



    Me I'm A C D B




      300m- 37 sec.


        All of the above.  One group run with starts at 6pm and requires headlamps 6mo of the year (trail run).  I’ve run as early as 5:30am with a smaller group.

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          Daylight savings time. I use to run with a group that met twice a week at 6:30 pm. Ther is another group that meets at a track locally Wednesday’s around 5:45 pm. It was easier to meet at that time with my schedule two years ago. Another group meets around sunrise or earlier I just don’t want to get up that early. I’d rather the time be the same each meet than change due to sunlight.

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