I'd take Speedwork over anything else, I think. (Read 134 times)

    Been trying to do the long easy running thing, and it hasn't exactly taken, or been my favorite I must admit.


    Finally did some Intervals yesterday, and boy I love those! much more fun than any long run, or easy run I've done I think.


    Finally felt like I was running, working on my stride, speed form.... quality.


    hoping some speedwork once a week will add to my form on the longer slower easier runs...


    PS I know I'm...16 years out of college but geez I'm effing slow at sprinting! but I'm 20 lbs heavier and haven't really ran/sprinted in 16 years, looking forward to some gains!


    I got out to the track about 730pm, was still very warm, was pouring sweat the entire time, and it felt great!


    thinking maybe adding strides to some of my other runs would also help and be a good idea.



    What's your favorite run/workout?

    do you do any speed work or strides?


    Best of Luck!

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    Are we there, yet?

      Favorite workout has always been 400m intervals, well 440 yd years ago.  I also have a tough time with the long runs, but I'm getting to like them better as most of my races are ultras.  Lots of factors come into play, but I try to get in a good interval workout at least once every 7-10 days.

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        5 x 1000 and 6 x 1000 are my faves. Or were before I was so old and broken. They're very different. I hear ya tho.


        The thing is all that easy running makes the workouts more effective.

        Runners run

          I've just recently started doing uptempo runs after many months of only running with a heart rate under 128bpm. (building a base after starting to run in Sep 2018) They feel much harder on my body, but then I've never done anything as physically taxing...ever. When I exercised on my bike, it was very relaxed unless I was climbing a hill, never as strenuous as 400m intervals or miles of tempo running.

          It's fun! It feels good to push myself, and I'm looking forward to getting (relatively) faster.


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            You should be doing strides year round. They're both fun and they work on all of those things you mentioned.

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              Strides are great as you can do 4-8 x 20 sec in any run and benefit without breaking you down or requiring extra recovery. I shoot for 85-90% of top speed and on last one I may shoot for 95% of top speed. Some days if doing 8 striders during a longer run, I may shoot for 20-30 sec but no faster than mile pace focusing on great running form. It breaks up the monotony.


              I like 5-6 x 1K at 10K effort then 4 x 200m quick. Great work out without killing you.

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                Strides are great as you can do 4-8 x 20 sec in any run and benefit without breaking you down or requiring extra recovery. I shoot for 85-90% of top speed and on last one I may shoot for 95% of top speed.


                I tend to think of it as doing 100M repeats at around 800-1600m pace. I agree that I usually start out at the slower end, mainly just to give my body a chance to get used to the speed. Strides are about form and being relaxed, so they should never be at top speed. If you're sprinting, you aren't doing it right.

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                  I run a lot of slow easy miles but man, it helps a ton to think of the speedwork as my reward for being "good" on the other days! Definitely my favorite day of the week, especially since I run most of my workouts with a club - even more fun to suffer together as a pack rather than suffering alone! 200s-400s are the most fun to me (and I can't wait to get back to mile training for indoor season later in the fall!), but 800-1000s are very satisfying too.


                  I like strides and hill sprints to work on form/strength/turnover without the stress of a full workout. Prefer to do them at the very end of a run with full recovery, but sometimes I'll do the strides over the last few miles of an easy run instead, or I'll do a set of hill sprints in the middle of a run since all the good hills are a few miles from my house.

                    all great suggestions.


                    I think adding the intervals, speed work may help me stat consistent and work on all areas of my running.


                    I'm still really low weekly mileage, but going to try to consistently run 3x  week, hopefully 1 of those days some speedwork, I'd like to include improve 1 long run, and throw in some regular runs once or twice a week.


                    also the strides will be nice as well.

                    300m- 37 sec.


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                      I have a long gradual hill that is a about 2/10 of a mile that I will run up hard and then run down easy.

                      it is on the main trail I run on.

                      i started with 2 about a month ago

                      first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


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                        I do need to find a good hill... I randomly look as I drive, but somewhat been hard to find my ideal hill.

                        300m- 37 sec.