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    What's the word on Postural Restoration and the Hruska Clinic?  I went to my local physical therapist hoping for help with my PFS, and this is the approach they're taking.  It's about getting my hips into alignment, and THEN they'll see if my knees still hurt before doing anything about them.


    They use stuff from:




    I spent my first day doing some exercise where I do a pelvic tilt, reach my right arm in the air and breathe into a balloon.  I'm not a big fan of gimmicky stuff like breathing into a balloon to control breathing and then measuring how far my arm stretches before and after an exercise and telling me that I'm making progress.


    This makes me wonder how legit this is as a "science": http://posturalrestoration.com/media/pdfs/PRI_An_Evidence_Based_Approach.pdf

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      Give it a chance to work, it is not gimicky just out of the normal treat the symptoms box most pt falls into. I have been treated in the clinic recently and by those that use their methods previously. While in PT for injuries suffered in a serious ATV crash several years ago a pt treated me using Hruska methods that basically got me active and able to do athletic activities again. It is the only approach that has consistantly worked for me.

       Hruska has treated several of University of Nebraska athletes including some of John Cook's national championship volleyball teams.

      I guess if you are not treated in the Hruska clinic itself the only caveat I have is how well the pt learned and can apply their techniques. It absolutely will not work if you do not do exercises consistantly and correctly.


      Best of Luck.

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