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    I've been totally loving the new map feature that allows me to see other runs in a geographical context. The only thing I've noticed is that when you have multiple routes from the same starting point (such as a trailhead or my house), the markers pile up on top of eachother and, as far as I can tell, you can only access the top marker. I'm not sure how you could fix it. Maybe when you click on a pile of markers, first the top one shows, then another click would cycle the next marker/route to the top, etc. Perhaps other folks would have an idea. Great, great program. I use it every single time I run. Thanks!!
      Yes, a route-toggle feature would be useful here. Smile

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        Agreed, this is definitely a needed feature. There are a fair number of runners here where I work. All of our maps, of course, are going to start from pretty much the front door, so the markers are all on top of each other. Keep up the great work on this wonderful site, Eric! Josh

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          Second. (Third?) I know there are maps I cant open because they are covered by other maps. Of course, this is a good problem to have. Wink
            I was thinking the same thing earlier this week! Yes please! Smile

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              One approach that I mentioned before is to list all the locations in text form to the side of the map. Googal local does this and now motionbased trailnetwork does this, and both seem to work very well for tight mashups like this.
                I've found that if you zoom all the way in, you can usually pick out the individual markers. Maybe a useful workaround temporarily.
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                  If you set the search parameters for distance as narrow as possible it reduces the # of routes by a lot. So if you're looking for a 5 mile route, start really narrow (like 4.9 to 5.1 miles) and work your way out.

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