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    I started weight training in August and realised that I had the weakest upper body in the whole world. My first pullups on the assist machine were assisted by 80lbs - almost 60% of my bodyweight at the time. Yesterday I finally managed my first unassisted pullup. In fact I managed 2 Smile

    My legs are killing me

      Good job Mandy! Keep it up and you'll be knocking them out like a machine gun.

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        Good job...be careful though you might grow some guns! But then on some women they're pretty hot!
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          Mandy that's awesome. When you put your mind to something, you really see it through. WTG!

          You'll ruin your knees!

            Ha! When I read your subject line, I thought maybe these guys... had crossed over and developed a new product for runners! Anyway, WOOT! Way to go Mandy! If I can't BE strong, at least I try to SMELL strong! Lynn

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              Good job Mandy! I remember well the feeling of accomplishment when I could manage 1 pullup. If you're really looking to increase your pullup numbers, google the Armstrong Pullup program. You probably need to be able to do 3-4 before it will be doable, but after that, they can go up pretty quickly. Awesome job!
                Sweet job MandyS! It really is a hard thing for many people. And it takes determination and daily (or every other day) practice. I do them after every run and it is very satisfying to see an improvement. I run and do pull ups throughout the winter months to keep in shape for competing in waterskiing. Way to go!
                  Ha! When I read your subject line, I thought maybe these guys... had crossed over and developed a new product for runners! Anyway, WOOT! Way to go Mandy! If I can't BE strong, at least I try to SMELL strong! Lynn
                  Lynn- I thought she was talking about the same thing. Good job Mandy. BTW- I think I am the one with the least upper body strength. I am not even sure I can do a pull up.


                    No...Alan...I can't either. But I should give it the old heave ho today and just see. WTG Mandy...you NZ rock star!
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                      oh dear not those sort of pullups! i think i grew out of them a long time ago!!! thanks all - and thanks for the suggestion noteye. i can only do them when i'm at the gym so a daily program is a bit too much. i'll use those principles though.

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                        That's awesome Mandy! I remember when I was weight training a few years ago and could barely do one (non-arse-covering, poo & pee pee catchin') pullup. As I got into it I was able to do 10. Sigh... I should get back at that, our fire department has a well-stocked training room available for free that I used to take advantage of. Well done though! Sherry's right... you're becoming a NZ Rockstar! Big grin

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                          woohoo...that is my ultimate goal. I still use an embarrassing amount of assist

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                            I think I will start weight training again. Yeah, most women don't have much upper body strength. I realized the other day at a yoga class that I had more strength than most of the other women. Probably because of the swimming I do. I remember when I was a kid they had us do these strength tests. They had us get in a pull up position on a bar and time how long we could hold ourselves up. I was always pretty good at it because I was such a shrimp in size compared to the other kids. To be honest, it was hell being so tiny and skinny as a kid. Good for you Mandy. I think you must be one really strong & tough girl! Show us your arm muscles sometime.

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