Hatfields & McCoys Marathon/Half (Read 432 times)

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    Anyone doing this one? I've done the half, will do the full this time. It's a fun, low-key race on the Kentucky/West Virginia border and a great value. You even get a skit about the feud.

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      I was looking into this one as I am still pretty pissed about my run in the Flying Pig. How far of a drive do you think it is from Cincy? Is it easy to get to? I really would like to get back on the course and see if I can correct some of the things I did wrong at the PIG. Is this an easier course then the PIG? Give me your thoughts please.
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        This course, as I understand it, is tougher than the Pig, is much much smaller (i.e., you will run a lot alone) but is great fun. It also can be very HOT.