Wear HRM strap during race? (Read 173 times)


    I have a 30K coming up on Sunday, FedEx says my HR strap will arrive Friday. I want to wear it because it's a new toy (and ostensibly it may help with my pacing), but on the other hand I fear trying something new on race day...


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      Definitely not -- I had a HRM strap come loose during a race and because I didn't want to waste time fixing it, I ended up with some pretty lovely chafing.  And it wasn't new, had never happened before (or since)!!

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        I wouldn't try anything new on race day.

        had the same problems as BlueRun.

        save it for your recovery runs next week.

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          I wear mine in all my races, but I wear it on almost every run.


          I haven't had any problems with it, but I wouldn't try something new on race day just in case.

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            ok, looks like a pretty clear answer. Thank you all!


              I'm used to wearing a HRM now. In fact, I feel strange when I don't run with it. But I do recall taking some time to get used to it. The first race I ran with it, I realized it was too loose and wasn't getting accurate readings. So, no, don't wear it for the first time during the race.


                I usually wear a hrm on all my runs but will usually only do one or two races per "season" with it on just to see how hr lines up with prior seasons.


                That's only for post-run feedback, though. I wouldn't race by hr or even look at hr in a race because it's just too irrelevant.

                  If you had experience with that strap and knew it didn't cause any problems, I'd say wear it. I've never had a problem with any of my straps, but some people report chafing. In the spirit of don't do anything new on race day, I'd say don't wear it.

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                    I wear my HRM all the time. Feels strange without it. Not sure the kind of chafing that people get with it, but I've been lucky and have had no issues, even though I chafe damn near everywhere else given the wrong situation.


                    I recommend that you wear it as soon as you can, so you can break in the fabric band and get used to it. Practice tightening the HRM while it's on you. Sometimes I find that the HRM strap stretches or comes looser (e.g. as it starts getting soaked with sweat), so a little shirt lift and a strap tighten is in order. If you practice it, you will know what to do and won't feel like you need to take it off (which will definitely mess with your race mojo).

                      I have raced with my HRM on, but I don't take note of the HR during the race - just out of interest to see what happened to it afterwards.

                        I wouldn't - you never know if it's going to be the annoying kind that slips down all the time or whatever, and you don't need that during a race!

                          I'm like pr100.  I like to have the data after the fact, like I like to have splits after the fact.  However, I wear mine very, very often--if yours is just coming in, I wouldn't wear it when it's so new.


                          Also, good luck on the 30K!

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                            I wear it for every race.



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                              I wear mine all the time, including what little races I run. I ran it recently in my first marathon and had some chafing from the strap above and below where the plastic transmitter sits. Never bothered me during the race. Good luck Sunday!

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                                Just got mine for Christmas and have worn it on every run since then (I've been told I'm a bit anal).

                                For my workouts I have been running to HR targets along with pace targets.

                                My first race was today and I wore but only to get data after the race.  Wanted to see what my max would be.

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                                Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

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