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    After over 5.5 years, I finally got around to adding sorting courses by distance.  I've been reluctant to add it because it's actually a very drastic change mostly due to my lack of foresight with how the database stores the default course distance.  It's a somewhat hard problem because it involves modifying the database layout which I'm always reluctant to do because it can mean loss of data.  After much testing, I finally made the change and rolled it out tonight.  Please keep an eye out on any discrepancies.  If you see the course distance being different from what you entered, please let me know.


      The distance column for my courses converted to kilometers.  My locale settings still say miles, though.  And, if I click through to view the course, it shows the distance in miles.


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        Eric, thank you so much!  I'm sure the mi/km thing isn't a big deal, and in fact, I'm okay with the courses being displayed in km if that's what it takes to have them sortable.  Curiously, though, four of my >100 courses are showing miles.

          It looks like the courses that have a default distance entered show as the unit entered and everything else is in km. 


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            Thank you sooooooooo much.  I agree with the above post.  The KM are being listed on mile courses where you don't manually set the distance.

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            eric :)

              When you create a course, you have the option to specify a default distance.  If you didn't specify one but created a map, the map's distance will be used as default.  Before, these two numbers are stored in separate places, which is why sorting was not possible.  I consolidated the two numbers, but in the case where there is no default distance specified, the map's distance is used.  The map's distance is stored in metric, which is why you're seeing some distances in metric.  I'm working on a fix right now but it will take some time for additional testing.


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                This is awesome! So much more organized! I don't mind that some switched to km, because I put the mileage in my course title.

                eric :)

                  I have fixed the unit problem.

                    Nice update ... thanks.  This is much more convenient than putting the distance at the front of the course name itself.

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