help me...I've fall-n and I can't get up =( (Read 664 times)


    Dear running friends, I did my first marathon in April, then I ran another one in May. My problem is I have not ran since,also I have gained 15 lbs. Any advice to help me get out of this "funk" that I am in, would greatly be appreciated! Thank you, dhrun

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      get up, put on running shoes, go outside, run. Great formula that works for most of us. If that fails, see if there is a running club you can join. This less sarcastic route has proven effective. Good Luck Dave
        I agree with Dave. Get out and run. Joining a running club is also another thing that helps me stay out there. Also - sign up for a race a few weeks or months out - that works for many of us to keep us motivated.

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          I don't agree. Sounds like you burned yourself on running with your efforts. Let running sit. Find something else to do that you like. If you're not feeling running, don't force it. Running is not the only thing.

          Go Pre!

            It's been 5 months...dhrun seems to have let it sit long enough. dhrun, Give it a try, sounds like you want to. I believe the post says "help me get out of my funk" ... not "help me quit altogether" Confused
              First step, Watch "chariiorts of fire" and read once a runner. I find that movie and the book are good motivation. Second, Set some goals. Short term and Long term.

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                Run because it will make you feel on top of the world. Run because it will get you healthy again. Run because there is nothing like the feeling of letting go with the pace and the wind on your skin. Run because that 15lbs will disappear. Run a mile for me Big grin. Run because you can. I can't Sad. Wish I could. Claire xxx
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                  Hmmmm ..... Go out and run so that you can post into this thread again and tell us all how it felt. Please, please, don't stop ... anyone who can run 26.2 miles can continue running afterwards... I'm waiting to see that post ... details of where, distance, what you saw, felt etc.... I'm waiting .... Neil UK Smile

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                    read Dean karnazes book, you may not what to try and do what he does but it will make you want to get out your chair and pushg your self that little bit harder.
                      Wake up one morning, put on your comfy running clothes, strap on your shoes. Lounge around for a while. Get out for a brisk walk. Your body will remember, jog a little. Don't go further then a mile or so. I've bet most of us have been in a couple week slump before. Its time for you to start again.