Lactic acid/lactate- how often do you feel it? (Read 740 times)

    Is it possible that as we age and deal with more pain we desensitize ourselves somewhat? I know any pain I have, I relate it to some other pain I might have had in life and set my perception of the current pain based on these comparisons. If everyone does that I could see how that might dilute the waters somewhat.


    Yes, but I'll bet it's more related to accumulated training than age. A big part of training is convincing our brain, through repetition, that all those stress signals it's receiving are really OK.

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      So, the older athlete, having been through that burning feeling so many times, ignores the feeling, because they know that it is not important. The younger athlete focuses on that burn, because it is new and to them, potentially harmful. What the older athletes are focusing on is pain that might mean injury ahead and where is the damn finish line, because these things are important. I like this concept, because I can pinpoint a year when this shift in thinking happened in my training and racing.

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