Goal Widgets Not Working (Read 28 times)


    I have set up 3 Goal widgets for 2020. All 3 are not adding the miles that I have run, biked or swam? I tried to make a new one, it also does the same thing?


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      What parameters did you enter?  I haven't set up any new ones, but the one I set up at the beginning of the year seems to be working fine.


      2020 Races:

           05/16/20 - 3DATF 50K

           07/11/20 - Ethan Allen 6-Hour

           07/25/20 - Endless Summer 6-Hour

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        You probably already have, but go back and check the basics in the new widgets...are they set for the correct workout Activity type?


        (click path:  log > edit layout (far upper right) > pencil icon on widget)

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          There was a problem with this a while back, and people had to log out of their accounts and log back in to make it work. Without doing this it didn’t even let you select an activity type. Worth a try I guess.



            Thank you, I had previously checked the dates, but somehow they had all switched to Half Marathon! All corrected and working now.

            I had set them up before the beginning of the year, broke my arm, couldn't run and when I started running again, I could not figure out why my daily goal was going up! LOL

            Thank you all again


              Did you try using a different browser?  I know sometimes that can be an issue