Go, Flying Monkeys! (Read 702 times)


    Congratulations, all of you! I looked at the elevation chart from the link in Jake's other post... OMG! A lot of people seem to have been doing impossible things this weekend. bas

    52° 21' North, 4° 52' East


      Congrats you guys! That elevation profile alone made me want to cry LOL well done on the PR Jake, and Jeff - holy smokes, a finish in less than 3hrs? Shocked
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        Hey, congrats to you all! Trent - way cool for a great race! Jeff - fantastic job, man! Jake - a PR on *this* course?? You've improved so much this year! Wow. Cool

        Roads were made for journeys...

        12 Monkeys

          THANK YOU all for the nice kind and supportive words. Things went off very well, there were few monkey attacks and folks ran well and ate well. What more could you want? And JN, I fully expect a rematch at Rocket City in 19 days.