Good Books & Magazines (Read 66 times)


    I've discovered that taking time out to read helps me relax and recuperate from running sessions.


    What are some good magazines and books (or websites) that people read in their time away from running ?

    Lucy Liu, feline edition

      Hello - I have a good-old-fashioned paper subscription to "The Wall Street Journal" and really enjoy reading it. There's a good news-synopsis sidebar on Page 1, the writing/analysis seems pretty intelligent to me, and about once-twice/week there are some really funny articles about, say, Canada's Raging Moose Problem (no disrespect to my neighbors to the north) or The World's Largest Nail (https://www.wsj.com/articles/big-tire-turns-50-but-big-nail-isnt-invited-to-party-1431989059).


      You may have to take the political section with a grain or salt, depending on your views.

        I am currently reading the Aubrey-Maturin  series by Patrick O'Brian. The movie "Master and Commander at the Edge of the World" was based on these books. They are a series of 20 historical novels concerning English Captain Jack Aubrey and his ship's surgeon and friend Stephen Maturin. It takes place in the early 1800's when England warred with France and America on the open seas. It is similar to the Horatio Hornblower series, which I have also read, but more authentic and better written in my opinion. I am up to the sixth book already and I can read each whole book in a few days time. I also purchased "A Sea of Words", a lexicon and companion to the series. Aubrey and Maturin will entertain themselves playing classical pieces on their violin and cello and I have ordered 3 CDs of music that is based on what is mentioned in the books. There was a unfinished 21st novel that I also purchased. I got the 20 novel series  used on E bay for about $65 including shipping. Usually I read Science Fiction, but note the "Star Trek" was said to be partly based on the Hornblower series and fans of "Star Trek the Next Generation" might remember an episode where Captain Picard and crew were on a man-of-war sailing ship created in the holodeck.