Survival Straps - Another ID Option (Read 348 times)

You'll ruin your knees!

    I just came across a website that got my attention.  I have owned several of the RoadID items and they are great products.  This appears to be an alternative to the RoadID that provides a little more function and benefits Wounded Warriors.  Check out Survival Straps


    Other than the 60 seconds I spent on their website, I know nothing about this company.  I have supported Wounded Warriors in the past and love the idea of helping them out in the future as well.  I have no financial interest and didn't just come to RA to post a spam ad (I have been around for a little while...). 


    Anyway, thought I would pass this along... has the potential to save your life in more than one way! 


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      You spammer...you told me about SportShield and BlisterShield, dammit...and now I don't ever blister or chafe! Tongue


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