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    eric, nitpicking i am sure, but shouldnt the calculators you have available on the site just be found on the "tools" page instead of on the find courses page? I used them a while ago, went looking for them and couldnt remember where they were....took me a while to accidentally find them. I feel ridiculous complaining about anything on this site, since I have been using it religously since 2005. Thanks very much for everything.

      When I click on the Tools tab, I find the links - Measure Route | Find Routes | Calculators. Are these same links not along the top when you click on the Tools tab? Just curious..... Arlene
        Some of the confusion stems from having two Tools tabs. There's a Tools navigational tab up top, and a Tools section in the training log. Although both contain various tools, they are (in my mind) quite different. The tools in the training log section pertain to the user's training log data. You can download a copy of your log, or create scripts for your blog that display your training data. The other (public) tools found in the top level navigational tab are public tools. You do not have to log in to use them because they do not need any personal data, although they will make use of it if you're logged in (e.g. set your default unit system or default map location). They are there for everyone to use, even the ones that do not wish to create an account. Right now, the public tools consist mostly of mapping relating stuff, they'll make more sense as I add more tools to that section. The way I differentiate them is to ask "does the tool require my data to function?" If it does, then it is found in your training log tools. I hope this clarifies it a little. eric Smile