Map issue (Read 238 times)


    Hi Eric,


    Have I missed something?

    On the 16th of June I’ve got 3 activities – 2 trips on the bike and a walk. On the first activity this day (Bike) I can see the map for the trip. On the following activities on this day there’s no map? And when I go forward the map is missing every single day until the 21st of June when it’s suddenly back.

    Have there been some changes to the system that I have missed or is it a bug?




    Addition; The graphs look different as well? Not the same type as always.


      I am guessing you upload your workouts in batches.  That is, you upload your data every few days.  The Garmin Forerunner has limited amount of internal memory and can store about 3-4 hours' worth of detailed data.  Once it runs out of memory, it will start deleting positional (map) data.  To avoid this problem in the future, be sure to upload your data more frequently.


      I am preparing for the next release and haven't made changes to the site since June 15.