2000 miles and splat (Read 1265 times)

I fly.

    Today was the day that I hit 2000 miles for the year.  This was to be a memorable run.  So of course, at about 4 miles into my run, I tripped over a nail on the boardwalk and went flying.  I fell so hard that I knocked the snot out of me and tore two holes in my running tights.  I actually had to stop running and sit down for a minute to collect myself.  Ah yes, running 2000 miles this year will be memorable for me.

    Bring it on.

    Princess Cancer Pants

      That is so awesome (the mileage, not the splat)!  You deserve some sort of celebration...huge accomplishment! Smile

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        WTG on your mileage Jill! I would think that you would have had that whole boardwalk running thing down pat by now.





          Very cool, Jill!


          Now you have the perfect base for the Jersey Shore Relay Marathon in April (hmm? hmm?)

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            What a year you have had!  Congrats Jill!

              I hate the snot cleaner.  I am very familiar with the snot cleaner. 


              The snot cleaner is my name for a particularly challenging, hard (rocky) technical trail that seems to clear my sinuses with each step in the winter.  And sometimes, summer.


              The snot cleaner is also my name for a fall which causes the effect described in the original post.  Yeah, I have to stop and collect myself after these too.


              A snot cleaner on a snot cleaner trail hurts a lot.


              Congrats on 2000.  That's very cool!


              A Saucy Wench

                Sounds like you need to buy yourself some new running tights to celebrate!  Congrats Jill!

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                  Well, you'll always remember the run when you hit the 2000 mark.  Great job!


                    {{{Jill}}}   Falling is the suck!  I hope you recover completely right away.


                    Running is stupid

                      Congrats on 2000!!


                      Hopefully the excitement of the 2000 miles dulled the pain of the fall. Falling sucks.

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                      Queen of 3rd Place

                        Ouch! Hate when that happens! Definitely time to go shopping!

                        Ex runner

                        I've got a fever...

                          Today was the day that I hit 2000 miles for the year. 

                           You certainly did hit it.  Or maybe the 2000 mile hit you back.  Either way, congrats on the achievement, and sorry about the fall.

                          On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

                            Hey I fell down today too.  Maybe it was because I cosmically knew Jill_B would be crossing 2k today.

                            Anyway, woohoo!  Again.

                            Runners run.

                            In it for the long run..

                              So sorry you fell.  I can certainly relate, with my 3 falls total in my last two marathons.   What is it about our 2000 mile group?    Congrats on your 2K!!

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                              Another Passion

                                Congratulations, Jill!  On the 2K, not the fall. 

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