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    Here in Minnesota I wear the same size shoes.  I have a different pair that I wear in winter than i do in summer.  My summer shoes are minimal shoes that have a fairly smooth sole.  Those won't work on snow or ice and so I have a minimal winter shoe by the same manufacturer (New Balance) same size.  My socks may be slightly thicker in winter, they are definitely higher in winter.

      I use duct tape over the top of my shoes in the winter to keep some of the wind and cold out.  Works pretty well and cheap and easy!  I think I heard about it from someone on this site


        I might wear my thicker socks in the winter, but generally, no changes. For a few pairs (usually one pair of road and two pairs of trail shoes) I'll put sheet metal screws in the soles for extra grip on ice. I've also got some gators that theoretically I'll use, but so far only used them twice since buying them.

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          Wool socks and duct tape seems like a toasty idea.

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