Permanently change elevation data? (Read 595 times)


    It would be nice if a map's elevation data could stay fixed after being resampled.  Right now I have to resample every time I want to view the elevation graph.

    Also, it would be cool if it were possible to export the fixed elevation data with the gpx file. (right now it just keeps the old elevation data)

      If you save the map after reloading the elevation, the new elevation will be stored.


        Okay, I tried that and it works.



          This seems to no longer work: if I save a map after resampling elevation, I don't get the new elevations when I open it. I originally imported a gpx file with only intermittent elevation data (Dirac spikes). I'd like to get a "fixed" gpx file via RA's resampling, but I can't see how to do so.

            Hi Bob,

            The workout's elevation is only replaced on import but won't be changed subsequently.  I like to change that behavior.  I've been debating how best to do it in terms of data management.  Only the course's elevation can be changed at the moment.


            eric Smile

              Ah, got it, thanks.