Sore lower abdominals (Read 429 times)

    My lower abs have felt sore on and off for the past several weeks - kind of feels like I did a lot of sit ups. I'm not sure if it's even running related. I also have a pulling type pain that kind of comes & goes - it's in my groin/lower ab area. Like, sometimes when I take my shoes off without untying them first, an I use one foot to push the other shoe off I feel it pull. Any insight?

    Princess Cancer Pants

      Ahhh...I have experienced this after longer runs, especially as I prepared for my first half marathon last Fall. Now that I am doing ab work on a regular basis I am guessing that it won't be as much of a problem. Our stomach muscles really do seem to do a lot of work when we run. Supporting our backs and keeping us upright likely involves more ab muscles than most of us realize--until they hurt. Smile k

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