Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Plantar Fasciitis (Read 55 times)


    Has anyone here had PRP?


    How painful was it and how long was it before you could start running again?


    PRP involves removing blood, separating the platelets and injecting them in to the inflamed areas of your foot, to increase inflammation, triggering the body's natural defenses.


    I'll be on crutches for a few days, then have to wear a boot for at least 2 weeks, after which I'll need physical therapy.


    According to the physiatrist performing the procedure , I should be able to start running again in about 4 weeks,


    According to the podiatrist who recommended the procedure, it will take about 6 weeks.


    According to webmd, the worst case scenario is a year 

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      big apple pie, I would follow your physical therapist's recommendations.  Everyone heals at their own rate.


      Running is stupid


        No doubt Ilene. I was just wondering how long it had taken others to recover.

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          The best treatment for Plantar Fasciitis is with a blood flow stimulator and cold packs to speed up the recovery and reduce the inflammation. PF is the result of an overstretched Plantar ligament. Rest along with oxygen and nutrients in the blood will repair the strained tissue. With or without the PRP procedure I would recommend taking a look at these products designed for PF:




            Hmmm......  I'm in PT for a nasty bout of Plantar Fasciitis.


            Everybody I dealt with said that I was allowed to run up to "pain tolerance" because the injury itself doesn't get worse from running on it; it just hurts more.  I want to say that I took two weeks completely off because it was too painful, and I was back at "full mileage" in about six weeks.


            The PTs give me a deep tissue massage (HURTS!).  They have me stretching my calves and strengthening my glutes.


            But maybe you've already been down that route and it hasn't helped?