It's just a flesh wound (Read 435 times)


    Man goes for coffee after being hit by bus; bus driver arrested.


    No foolin.  The bus smacked him so hard that his head broke the bus' windshield.  His response was to walk a block to starbucks, whereupon he "ordered a drip coffee".




    Bus driver was not under the influence of alcohol.  Drugs suspected.


    I love being a bus boy in Seattle.



      Oh yeah: He was not served his drip coffee "because he was bleeding".


      12 Monkeys

        Yeah. Coffee trumps most everything else.

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          Coffee is medicine.

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          Feeling the growl again

            Oh yeah: He was not served his drip coffee "because he was bleeding".


            I've heard of "no shirts, no shoes", but where does blood come into the law???

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                We can't serve you sir...You're bleeding.

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                "I ain't got time to bleeeed!"

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                  All sounds very typical for seattle

                  Snarl snarl.

                    Why do we just accept the blatant discrimination against Bleeding-Americans? Can't we look beyond the gore to see the true measure of a man?

                    Revenge of the Nerd

                      They should have served him the coffee and capitalized on the publicity.


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