That awkward moment when you lose a run to a 12-year-old girl you know. (Read 397 times)

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    When I was at my fastest I still got my ass handed to me regularly by a 79 year old guy in our running club.

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      +1, for sure!  You're absolutely correct, a lot of young people do get embarrassed by being beat by "old" people.

      On more than one occasion I've tried to motivate young women (it always seems to be women) late in race as I pass them by saying some variant of "Come on, strong finish.  You don't want to get beat by an old guy."  I've gotten a couple of laughs and a couple of "thanks" afterwards.


      MTA: My other story about this sort of thing is from a local trail half-marathon when a young guy was just behind me for the last few miles.  With less than a mile left, he made his move and surged past me.  Within sight of the finish line he comes to an abrupt full stop, hands on knees, and starts puking...as I slide on by and finish ahead of him.  I confess to taking some satisfaction from that one.


        When I was at my fastest I still got my ass handed to me regularly by a 79 year old guy in our running club.


        My old running group had a couple of runners in their late 60s who would drop a bunch of us youngsters like a bad habit on tempo runs.  I aspire to be like them when I am older.

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          On more than one occasion I've tried to motivate young women (it always seems to be women) late in race as I pass them by saying some variant of "Come on, strong finish.  You don't want to get beat by an old guy."  I've gotten a couple of laughs and a couple of "thanks" afterwards.


          I do the same thing. What is funny is that what I call motivation, my wife calls flirting. Joking


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            I've never really been clear about the unofficial rules of racing- ie. dont out sprint women and children in the last 1/4 mile of a race.  i got a hard lesson on that when i first resumed running 11-12 years ago. i was running a local 10k- my first 10k- and was running stride for stride with this 12 year old girl- i think we were holding like 6:45's... we get to the last 1/4 mile and we both start sprinting- for me it wasn't about beating her but i wanted to set the bar low on my inevitable PR. this was a time trial for me- i just so happened to appear to be racing a 12 yo... i out kicked her to the finish- to the amusement of my running friends... i beat her to the line by a few seconds... but when i later looked up the official results- she had beaten me by :01 on chip time. my running friends still occasionally ridicule me. i lost on all counts that day.

            that girl- Jenny Barringer Simpson.

              That said this girl in particular is a fairly smart runner. She is going to get much faster too. She ran a 5k time trial in 22:00 on a super hilly course. And she didn't go all out. She sit and kicked on our top boy. Which normally would have been a poor strategy on her part. The boy has more sprint speed. However, when the boy has someone on his shoulder he keeps going faster until he burns himself out. So he took his own kick away,


              She sounds like she has that winning attitude too and doesn't like to lose. Beating your boys in practice and taking it to you with a kick at the end of your 6 miler. I'd say she has a promising future.

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                At our local turkey trot 10K in 2010 I was coming up on the finish line, 'bout a half mile away, already pretty much maxed out.  There were very few other runners around but I pulled up even on a 12 year old boy and as I passed he picked it up to match me stride for stride.  I was one hurtin' puppy and remember thinking 'cmon kid just give it up'.  I was probably 5 milliseconds from giving up myself when I felt a glitch in the force ... oh so slightly he had let up.  When I sensed that, I was able to actually go a little harder and finish a few seconds of him.  Afterwards I told him that I was just about to give up and cruise in behind him and that in the future, being that close to the finish line, NEVER EVER let up.   Turns out I knew his Dad very well, another outstanding runner.  We ran low 38's for that race, so pretty dang outstanding for a 12 year old.  Anyway,  three years later this kid runs in the 35's or better for 10K.

                He was on his way up.  And me? Not so much.  He's one of the top HS runners in the area and I'm proud to have competed with him just once on his way up the running pecking order.  He probably doesn't even remember that race but I sure do.  Us old guys are on borrowed time and the kids are only going to get better ... so be sure to treat them nicely now because soon enough they'll turn the tables on us!

                  Not running, but....

                  I've been swimming for a few years (since 2009), and I do fairly well swimming long distances.  Not great, but...


                  My son just turned 10, and he's been swimming for about as long as I have.  About a year ago, he started swimming faster than me.  And stronger than me. 
                  Now, when I go to his swim team practices, I sit as close to the pool as I can so that I can get tips from his coach.
                  FWIW, his coach is one of the USA Olympic coaches and it's a free clinic everytime I go there.

                  (It doesn't help me, though)


                  I still try to act cool, but I'm not.  My son is better than me.

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                    My son is better than me.


                    Isn't that what we all hope for?  Congrats, dad.

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                      When I was at my fastest I still got my ass handed to me regularly by a 79 year old guy in our running club.


                      Yes.  I'm familiar with this phenomenon.  Also, my 9 year old son is definitely faster than me at a mile.  He's never raced a 5k, but I'm pretty sure he could beat me, or will be able to soon. And he can swim 50 meters faster than me.   However, I CRUSH him at the marathon.  For those keeping score.


                        Isn't that what we all hope for?  Congrats, dad.


                        I agree. Fully!


                        I have three teens.... 1 of them goes full effort.  He can't beat me yet, but he really puts in the effort.   The second son I can get to go to the occasional run... If there is a raffle for prizes after.  He puts down about a 50% effort in the race? But he is out there.  More than many teens these days...


                        The third teen is a massive challenge.  Refuses to ever leave the house on foot.  I can slap a 10 dollar bill in his hand and say "walk to the 7-11 (three blocks away) and you can buy whatever you want."  He gets defiant to even such a generous offer as that, and refuses to leave the house. Will end here, I could go on forever about his Self-Limiting behaviors he does. (He is in counseling, doing all I can).



                        Main point:  If a young kiddo is beating us, THAT IS SUPERB!  I will not be upset for a moment if one of my kiddos beats me one of these days... :-)


                        Again, sorry for long winded, but a PS:  I was at a race on Saturday, and a well-known fast runner in our community came upon a young girl that was about 8 or 9 years old.  I visibly saw the fast runner approaching the girl from behind, and even though she is competitive and could have passed the 9 year old gal easily, she slowed her pace a bit and the little girl sprinted out ahead of her + beat her.  Alot of people noticed this action and what a nice thing to see is all I can say. :-)


                        PSS.  Sorry so long winded!  I blame it on the 2 beers I just polished off... :-P

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                          What this article does not mention is that they beat adult teams from about 8 local running clubs including my own, luckily I wasnt humiliated by them as by the time it came to my leg the kids had already finishedBlush


                          The irony was added to by the fact the junior junior team beat the junior team


                          i've suggested they have weighted batons next yearEvil



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                            Just thought I'd post an update on said 12-year-old. She opened the season last Tuesday with an impressive win in a quad meet. She beat 82 runners including this girl: http://athlinks.com/racer/122614435 (who she edged out by a second). They were both more than a minute ahead of the next girl. The really impressive thing is that they traded the lead throughout the race. Neither would let the other one go. The other girl actually pulled away by as much as 20 meters in the last 150 and my girl came back and got her in the last 50 meters. She set a school record for the course and had a pretty good sense of humor afterwards too. She asked me if the girl she beat was going to be at any of our invitationals this year. I asked why? Her response "Cause she can have the win next time." She was pretty dead.


                            She then followed it up with a disappointing 37 second win at against a very solid school at home. Unfortunately she was never pushed after the first 400 meters. So she had to settle for the third fastest time in school history. She was 7 seconds off the school record. But worse yet 4 seconds off her big sister's time.

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                              About 10 miles into a half marathon, I passed the 10 year old featured in this article (wearing the halloween costume featured in the photos).  I was impressed that she was still holding an 8:25 pace.  Her sister had passed me towards the end of a 5k the previous year and I felt like I was standing still.




                              I run in the middle of the field but I have kids that are their ages and my son took walking breaks during the kids fun run that followed the 5k.  My daughter saw a "big boy" ahead of her towards the finish of the same fun run and dropped the hammer to remind him that girls are a force to be reckoned with!

                                I coach a middle school cross country team. I've known I had a very talented girl coming up for two years now. Granted I'm not a great runner. But I'm usually faster than all but my top 1-2 boys. I know there are fast girls out there. But its a different dynamic when it's a 12-year-old girl that you coach.  She put a hurting on me today on a 6 miler. My male ego is hurt a little, but I have a lot of pride as well.


                                Here is the summary. We started off easy enough


                                Mile 1 8:46 pace (probably would have gone a little quicker but there was a Raccoon on our trail.

                                Mile 2 8:43 (It was an out and back and wanted to keep my top group with me for the first two at least)

                                Mile 3 8:14 It was time to start to go. (Most my top group hung to the halfway mark so I could leave them and still know where they finished.)

                                Mile 4 7:44 I wanted to see who'd respond. I got my answer dropped everyone but my top girl, (Top boy was away, he'd probably have hung).

                                Mile 5 7:53 She was breathing heavy and I felt great. Or so I thought.

                                Mile 6 7:34 for me, 7:19 for her. We were dead even with about a quarter mile to go when she unloaded a ridiculous kick and I was unable to respond to.



                                I finished 2nd in a 5K a few weeks ago and lost to a 11 year old that ran a 20:20. He had me by 100 yds at the turn but could only get to within 5 seconds of him. Here is the kicker, he beat me last year too at age 10. Last year he ran a 19:40. Unbelievable! To make matters worse, he told me at the end of the race that swimming is his strength and has been doing more of that recently. Made me feel great Smile

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