Sub 2:00 Half Marathon thread (Read 2394 times)


    Cee - I have the same problem with my hands freezing - they refuse to work! I hope your next half is in warmer weather. You're so close - you've got a sub 2 in the bag.


    Zelanie - I've got to add my voice to all the Yays you've been getting on your new shoes. Something about running in new ones that makes it seem easier. How are your sore parts feeling?


    Flat - I'm with you on preferring to be outside, but I have to draw the line at running on icy roads. I'm inherently clumsy anyway, and when you put something slippery under my feet, it never turns out good. I hope you guys get a warm up soon.


    hector - I'm glad you're over here now! Only a couple months until your half - are you getting excited?


    Wing - I hope your bug doesn't last long, and you're fully recovered by Sunday.


    2ft - Welcome to the TM club! Once I get past 5 miles I don't mind it so much, but the first 5 are always the toughest for some reason. Having something good to watch on tv does help.


    Edith - Woohoo - you're here! I'm sorry about the ankle - is it feeling better by now?


    amn - Like miele said, flat is good. Sign up for that race! You're so close, maybe the flat course will push you over that sub 2 hill.


    nathan - Great job on the streak! I'm really excited to see how you like the Hansons plan after your marathon. So much of their philosophy makes sense, and it sounds like you're handling the training great.


    az2 - Thanks! It was a great race and such fun, not to mention being in warmth and sunshine for 4 days.


    Lurch - Big congrats on the weight loss! It sounds like what you're doing is working for you - keep up the good work.


    miele - Good luck in the 10K. It's been a long time since I've raced that distance, but I still remember how much it hurts! Are you going to follow any specific plan for your half in April?


    me - We got a total of 3 outdoor runs in while we were in Phoenix, which is good because I had to hit the TM again yesterday morning. Wind gusts up to 60 mph - no thanks. Planning on 5 in the morning and 10 on Saturday - OUTSIDE! My hamstring is still a bit sore, so this morning I tortured myself on the spin bike, then made it better with yoga. Talk about yin/yang! Right now I'm loving the half distance, so I've tentatively decided not to do a full this year and just focus on the halves. I'd like to keep inching my time down closer to 1:50. We'll see...

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      Jan- Congrats on a great race!  I'm glad that the weather wasn't a factor after all of those TM miles!


      me- My leg is feeling great since I got my new shoes.  I have my first LR since my leg started acting up tomorrow.  I'm "just" aiming for 10, so if I can run that one well and still feel good for my easy run the following day, I'll be happy.  I've run 10 before, but I don't really "own" the distance yet.  After tomorrow I'm hoping I'll feel differently.


      If you ask

        Zelanie - good luck with your long run.  I sure hope the shoes have solved the aches.


        Jan - oh, how I miss the dancing banana!  Awesome half!   So sorry you are back on the treadmill.   Do you do yoga with a class?   I'm trying to decide what to do for a core type workout one day a week.   But it will be an on-demand or DVD workout.   I don't like gyms.   Hope the hamstring feels better.


        Anm - sign up for that race!  You're so close to 2 hours!,


        Paden -  nice running streak!    And impressive speeds!   I do love the trails and I'm thankful for the few places that I can run off the roads.


        Hector -   The ankle is not hurting at all, thanks for asking.   How do you like running on the treadmill?


        Miele - what 10k are you running?  God speed!


        Two foot -  good luck running your half this weekend.


        Me -  my ankle was swollen from Sunday but never really hurt.  I met my brother for some trail running on Weds.  We managed 5 miles in the dark.  Then I met my friend for a 6 mile run (half on the trail we ran to).  We were chatting so much it ended up being 9 miles.   It was cold and dark and just awesome!   My training plan has me running 8 tomorrow but I doubt that I will run less than 10.  I love LSR day!


        Happy Running and good luck to those racing!

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          Jan-  60 Mph winds is when I go and hug the TM!  It looks like we have the same goal in terms of our HM time.  I'd like to break 1:50.  I'd also like to run my age in the 10k (Nathan put that into my head).  It'll be something to work towards.  I'm thinking of doing something similar to pcaharrier and doing a Hansons-esque type plan for the HM.  But nathan has a good point about the tempo run and the MP (or HMP runs) so I still need to sit down and really take a good look at what I want to do.  Or I might try Ryan Hall's plan.  Either way it'll be a 12 week plan and not an 18 week plan.  I don't know why but just thinking about an 18 week plan makes me tired.  (that and, had I wanted an 18 week plan, I should have started 5 weeks ago.)


          Zelanie-  Glad the leg is feeling better!  How did the 10 miler go?  I'm sure you did well.


          Edith-  Well that's never happened to me.....a 6 miler turning into a 9 miler.  I wish it would.  I ran the Destin Bayou and Back in Florida.  It was RR to follow.


          2ft-  If I remember correctly, you have a HM tomorrow.  Good luck!


          me-  The forecast for the race changed and was a bit warmer than was predicted a few days ago.  61 at the start with 83% humidity.  Not the end of the world.  It's only 10k, right?  Gun start so there I am at the front again.  Turns out the lady next to me was the winner of the race and I got a little caught up in her pace (the dangers of starting on the line).  I checked the watch about a quarter mile in and say 6:51 pace.  What?!?  No wonder I'm out of breath.  So I slow down but still run a too fast first mile at 7:43.

          Mile 2 was better at 7:52.  My plan had been to try and maintain 8s for as long as I could since I knew I wasn't in PR form.  I was right about that.  Mile 3:  8:04.  Suddenly my legs didn't want to function.  This happened at precisely mile 3.36.  It was all over.  Mile 4: 8:16, Mile 5: 8:18, Mile 6, 8:27.  The last bit I managed a 7:48 pace.  Horribly paced as usual but I figured out  part of my pacing problem.  Sure I go out too fast the first mile but then again, it feels fine.  Not like I'm sprinting or anything like that.  Then hope enters my head.  My rational side knows I can't maintain that pace but hope says maybe I can.  So I try to keep the faster pace.  Damn hope.

          Positive splits.  Yuck.  But.  It was a great day.  DH and BIL did great.  My parents were at the finish line and also a friend came to cheer us on.  The weather was really beautiful for the post-race.  DH and BIL got their beers.  They had a bunch of food I couldn't eat (it's just unappealing right after a race).

          Oh, finish time was 50:44.  Over two minutes slower than my PR but I'll work on that.  I somehow managed a 1st in age group with that time.  The lady at the start ran a 42Tight lippedx and said it was her worst race ever.  I don't know how much the lemon drop martini, red wine, burger and fries, pizza and escargot  the night before affected my time but it probably didn't help.  (weird combination, I know, but it was  happy hour and we were ordering everything).

          One more week of slacking off then it's back to training.

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            Edith- Sounds like you've been getting some good runs in lately!


            miele- Sorry that your race didn't go as planned, but it sounds like you learned something and had a good day out with the family.  I'd take a 50:44 10K and a 61 degree day over here any time!


            me- My 10 mile run on Friday went great.  I just had to make myself slow down for the first few miles, then held steady, then picked it up for the last 2, for an average pace of 9:49.  Then yesterday I got my 5 miles easy no problem.  In fact I probably ran them too fast at 9:34 average.


            Today is a RD and then I will start the next week!  I will add back the tempo intervals that I missed a couple off weeks ago, take my LR up to 11, and hopefully add 2 miles to last week's total.  6 more weeks of build before I get a nice long taper!

              Miele: so you want to run your age in a 10k. Wouldn't that be world record pace?


              Jan: I also really like the HM distance, along with 10k. 5K is too short, and marathon, that's fine once or twice a year. After you have done a marathon, the Half becomes a lot easier mentally, also.


              Me: preparation for Manhattan Half not ideal, with just 2 x 8 mile TM runs all week. In addition, transport issues meant that I arrived 10-15 minutes late (bonjour LE stresse) and just managed to pass the start line before they pulled it up. No warm-up or stretching. I haven't downloaded my Garmin yet, but to kill all suspense, time was 1:55:06. Quite happy considering the week that that's preceded, the temperature and late arrival. oh, and I forgot the hilly profile from my list of excuses. Also happy that the splits were pretty constant, all between 8:45 and 8:50. All in all, a good workout. Objective for HM will be to beat my PR end of March.

              Next week the serious stuff begins with Pfitz: 50 miles on the program, which will be a record for me if I make it.


              Good running to all!

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                Jan - great job on your AZ half!  What a strong finish!  Someday, I have to get there and run that race.


                miele - you might when for most unusual night-before-fueling.  Who eats escargot before a race?


                2foot - good job on your half!  I've had that happen to me twice where I arrived after the official start and it does really stress one out!


                Waving to everyone else - I'm so far behind, I decided I better just post and try to stay caught up from that point on.


                me - last week was a recovery week, with just a 12 mile long run.  I've been running a fair amount outside, including last Thursday when it was 8F, with a windchill of -3.  In contrast, it was 60F out at 5 am this morning!  Crazy midwestern weather.  This week is a lot more miles.  I had a dentist appt with some fillings tomorrow - do you think it's unreasonable to try to run a 10-miler with 5 at tempo pace after that?


                  docjen - Those are some crazy temperature swings! Nice job for getting out there in the cold. I think you'll be ok to do your run after your dentist appt, as long as you're not in pain and don't have too much nitrous oxide. Big grin I once ran a 5k the day after having a root canal, and I did fine. How's the new position at work going?


                  miele - I love that pre-race meal! I tend to go out too fast also in shorter races, which makes the end a real pain party. Congrats on placing 1st in your AG - some bling is always nice! Congrats to your hubby and BIL too - it sounds like the whole family had a great day. Where did you find the Ryan Hall half plan? I know it was in an issue of RW, but isn't it online somewhere too?


                  Edith - I'm glad your ankle didn't hold you back. You've been getting some nice mileage in! I love the name of your Feb race - Chilly Cheeks!


                  Zelanie - Great job on the 10 miler, followed by a 5 miler. Your long runs are really progressing nicely.


                  2ft - Congrats on the half! You definitely had some stress at the start. 1:55 is a great time, especially considering you said you had some training issues and probably a near heart attack trying to get to the start line in time. Good luck this week as you start Pfitz.


                  me - Three outdoor runs in a row - Sat. Sun. and this morning! Our weather is turning to crap tonight, so thought I'd better take advantage of it while I can. I think I might have the flu, because I feel horrible. Might have to go in, get a sub, and come home. Yesterday I ordered a pair of Altra Provisioness shoes. They're zero drop, but with a stability wedge. I'm getting tired of all the little aches and pains that keep popping up, and of trying a zillion different shoes hoping that they'll be the miracle cure. I've been doing a lot of research on the Altras, and I think they're worth a try. Have a great Monday, everyone!

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                                              Phoenix R&R    HM 1/20/13


                    30K race done! I decided to follow the 330 marathon pacers and they got me to get through the half in slightly under 1:45! Now I have to set my sight on my first official HM in 1:40!


                    Full log is here


                      Jan26.2 – yeah, I am little nervous and excited. How many halves are you planning for this year? Great job in getting three outdoor works


                      EdithRevisited – glad to know that your ankles are fine. I prefer to run on trails, but don’t find TM horrible as well. Good thing about TM is that it is a controlled environment where I can adjust speed and elevation a lot better than outdoor running.


                      Miele – it must be excited to run with a couple of family members in the race with some family member cheering for you! Congratulations on getting 1st in the age group!


                      Zelanie – great job running 10 milers and another 5 miles next day


                      Two-Foot-Shuffle – congratulations in finishing your half in well under 2 hours!


                      Me- ran for 6.8 miles this morning.
                      My first half marathon is in March and am little nervous. I got a heart rate/pacing question. Once a week I do long run in the range of 70-80% HRR. Four days a week I run @ 75% HRR. Once a week I do hard run in the range of 80-85% HRR. Length of these hard runs is 50 minutes. I am concerned if I would able to keep my heart rate in 80-85% range for entire race or not since I never tried running in this zone for more than 50 minutes. What would you advice to a rookie?

                        Twofoot- Congrats on the half!  Glad you got there (just) in time!


                        Jen- Hope the post-dentist run went well!


                        Jan- Hope you didn't end up getting sick!  Are you a teacher?  I teach reading.


                        Wing- Fantastic job on your race and a nice strong finish!   Way to go!  That 1:40 is going to be yours!


                        Hector- I don't know a thing about HR training being a newbie myself.  But one thing I've heard is that the taper plus race day magic works wonders for that kind of thing.


                        me- Had another great run tonight!  This time it was 2x2 miles @LT, which I ran at 8:49 pace on the TM.  I bumped that up to 8:34 for the last half mile because I was still feeling great. 0.4 recovery between my intervals @10:20, but honestly felt like I didn't need quite that much.  Probably a good thing because I think this is the last LT workout that Pfitz gives us a recovery for.  7.5 total miles with warm up and cool down.



                          Zelanie-  Great running!  And I think you've conquered the 10 mile mental wall.  Just remember, anytime you feel a little twinge or an ache go and get new shoes ASAP.


                          2ft-  Congrats on a great HM!!  Next time do us all a favor and arrive at least an hour early.  How stressful!  And yeah, running my age would be a super-crazy world record for me but it gives me a goal.  In all probability it's impossible but I'll give it a go.  Speaking of goals, I think you, Jan and I should break 1:50 in our upcoming HMs.  Our PRs are similar and I don't think it's totally insane.  I think docjen's PR is very close to 1:50 but I can't really remember.


                          docjen-  Hi!  What's your HM PR?  I don't know about the 10 miler after fillings.  Just see how you feel.  If they give you gas (do they still do that?) then I would advise against it.  I'd say enjoy the 60 degree weather while you can!  Oh, and apparently I eat escargot before a race. No adverse effects but I think I'll make wiser choices next time. (I think I've said that before)


                          Jan-  I found two different Ryan Hall plans.  One was on RWOL but I think they've done away with it or you have to pay for it now.  The other one I found through google.    Maybe that link will work. If it doesn't I'll try again.  Yay for new shoes!!!!  I hope they're 'The Ones'.  Boo for the flu!!!   I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's not the flu.  Did you get a flu shot?  Are you signed up for any more races?


                          Wing-  Way to go!  What a great race!  But now I'm thinking your new stinking fast HM PR is soft since you were able to hold that pace for the entire race.  And in that humidity, too!  Where was this race?  Sorry if you mentioned the location but I don't remember.  sub- 1:40 for sure!


                          hector- I wish I could help you with the HR problem but hopefully nathan will chime in.  All I can say is that on race day you will be well rested and ready to run.


                          me-  Speaking of new shoes.....I went a little crazy the past few weeks.  I kept finding really good deals on running shoes.  Deals I couldn't pass up.  So, long story short, I have two new pairs of Asic Blurs and a new pair of Brooks Pure Flow.  I've never tried the PureFlows but was always curious.   I'm refusing to look at any more running shoes since I obviously have a problem.  Ran 5 easy and did a leg workout at the gym.

                          10K: 47:12* / 13.1: 1:50:56 / 26.2: 3:53:48




                            miele - Thanks for the link - it worked! Way to go on your shoe bargains. When you find a good deal, of course you have to take advantage of it. I've heard good things about the Pure Flows - I'll be interested to see how you like them.


                            Zelanie - You're on a streak of great runs!! Nice running. I teach 2nd grade, and honestly, can't stand it. I'd love to teach reading - do you teach one grade or several? Some of our schools have reading specialists, but I'd have to rack up more student loan debt to get my certification. Maybe someday, if the lottery doesn't work out. Big grin


                            hector - I'm no help with heart rate stuff either - I don't even own a monitor. My best advice for your first half is to determine your pace by how your body feels. Start conservatively and keep asking yourself, can I maintain this, can I go faster and still maintain? Right now I've got about 7 halves planned for the year, one 10 mile race, and maybe a full. Big maybe on the full, since right now I'm leaning toward getting faster at the half instead of slogging through another round of full training.


                            wing - Nice race! My feeling is that you've got a 1:40 in the bag.


                            docjen - Did you run after the dentist appt? I started thinking that running after a dose of laughing gas just might be fun.


                            2ft - Day 3 of Pfitz - how's it going so far?


                            me - After my 5 mile run outside on Monday morning, I came home and immediately got the flu. Went to work, did sub plans (and spread the germ love I'm sure), came home and slept the rest of the day and night. Never got the stomach part, but had the fever and achiness. Yesterday I went to work but just didn't have the energy to workout, so this morning I'm headed to the TM for 4 miles. Hopefully I'm more into it once I get going than I am right now. We got some icy snow-drizzle last night, so the streets are frozen again. But, it's looking up for the end of the week and weekend.

                            PR's: 5k - 23:33/ 10k - 48:30/ 5 mi. - 39:21/ 13.1 - 1:53/ 26.2 recent - 4:34


                            Upcoming races: Resolution Run HM 1/1/13

                                                        Phoenix R&R    HM 1/20/13


                              Jan - ugh on the flu.  I hope the new shoes are your "miracle."  I feel pretty lucky in the feet/legs dept.  I've been running in the same shoe model for quite a while without a problem.


                              Zelanie - excellent LT workout, especially the stronger than anticipated finish.


                              Wing - Congrats on a great race!


                              hectortrojan - I also have never used heartrate training.  I agree with Zelanie, though, that the race day magic after a taper lets you perform at levels you hadn't in training.


                              miele - half PR is 1:50:37, from Sept 2012.   I think breaking 1:50 is a great goal.  I won't get the chance to race a half before the April full, I don't think.  There just aren't any local races that fit in, and I don't have time to travel this spring.


                              me - so I ended up canceling the dentist appt.  The big issue with this new job is the meetings.  Every time I turn around, there's another one.  My boss decided Monday that I should attend an evening meeting about a new blood glucose monitoring system and it looked like there was no way I could fit the dentist in too.  So yesterday I had faculty meeting from 7-9 am, a meeting with the administrative team of my clinic from 9:15 to 10:45, a weird perinatology lunch/inquest from 12-2:15, and a dinner meeting from 5:30-9 that was largely a sales pitch (and was 1/2 hour away from my work.)  Normally, Tuesday afternoons are my afternoon off and I usually do a longer and harder workout on those days.  I brought my running gear to work instead, and changed after finishing at 2:15 and headed out.  Even this part was complicated, because the neighborhood right around my hospital is not really safe for a woman to run alone, but the hospital has the showers.  So I changed at the hospital and left my stuff in the locker room, drove to my clinic building and ran from there, then drove back to the hospital to shower and change back.

                              Continuing the chaos for the day, my Garmin quit about 1 1/2 miles in to my run.  I think the contacts weren't fully in contact with the charger and it never charged after my last run.  So I turned mapmyrun on on my phone.  I was supposed to run 10, with 5 at LT pace, but I had to guess at both the distance and the pace.  My route afterword was recorded pretty zig-zaggy, so I didn't think I'd actually run 10.  Gmap pedometer maps out my route at 9.4, so that's what I'm calling it.  Total time about 1:27.  It was 43F and very overcast having rained most of the day, so I got to splash through a bunch of puddles.  It started raining again with 2 miles to go.  Despite all that, the run itself felt great and I must admit to grinning like an idiot in the rain!


                              Super B****

                                Poking my head back in here -- even though I am kind of paranoid about it!  (What can I say?  I'm superstitious about weird things.)


                                About the HR training, I don't train by HR but I do wear a monitor just because I'm a data junkie... and I've come to realize that if I DID train by HR, I'd be a lot slower.  According to what my monitor recorded during some runs, I should have keeled over and died.  Never happened yet.


                                I had an epiphany of sorts this weekend -- I went out for a run (out, as in, not on the AlterG) and my first mile was the slowest mile I've run in a really long time.  That was pretty discouraging, because I'm never going to be able to run a sub-2:00 half that way.  I should know by now that I tend to speed up as I go, and that's why I worry about going out too fast in a longer race!  My overall pace for that run ended up being fast enough for a sub-2:00 (had I run 13.1), despite my tortoise-like first couple of miles.

                                chasing 5:59


                                because i never shut up ... i blog