Route Drop Down Box not working with Chrome (Read 383 times)


    I realize it must be a challenge to code for all of the different browsers that are out there now. I can work around this problem but thought I would see if anyone else is having it. When I create a new Run entry (or edit an existing entry) I can't select a Route with my mouse. I can select one by clicking in the drop down box and then using the arrow to move to the route I want. However, once I've selected the route no other routes appear in the drop down list and I can't pick a different route. I don't have this problem with any other drop down box (such as activity, workout type, equipment). Just routes. Everything works fine in Firefox. Anyway, great log and the updates look great. I can work around this problem by using my arrow key or Firefox but I wanted to bring it to your attention. Thanks, and Happy New Year! MTA I also noticed that the dragging and dropping of the main page gadgets does not work well in Chrome. I was able to get everything arranged the way I wanted with Firefox, but with Chrome I had trouble getting things to drop into place. Thanks again!