Took time off from running, now my calves hurt (Read 580 times)

    I had taken some time off from running when i went away to college. I was off for about 2 years and now i decided to start back up. I was running around 18 miles a week  before i quit. Now that i started again i cant make it a mile without my calves burning so bad that i have to stop. Could this be just because my muscles have to get use to running again? Or is something else wrong? Before i quit running i never had any problems.


      How fast are you running.  I took 7 years off and just started back about a two weeks ago.  The first day my shins and calf muscles were screaming in pain and my Achilles Tendon and other areas were very tender.  


      I always have to stretch them out quite a bit since i'm just getting back into it.

        I'm not running fast at all. I run at a nice easy pace just trying to get the distance not really worried about time. I think i ran like a 10 min mile or something close to that and after a couple of minutes my calves were burning like crazy.


          i ran a 4:26 mile back in the day 15:30-16:15 5k and I just started back 2 weeks ago at about a 10 min pace and I'm not sure if you are talking unbearable pain but on the treadmill my lower legs were burning very badly for the first few days to the point i thought I might have to take a few days off.  Not sure, hopefully it will go down as your training goes on.  If you think it is an injury though you can always take a few days off and see how they feel.