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    I want a mountain bike for next year to train early in bad weather...but here's the situation; 1)I'm in Wisconsin 2)I'm a great road biker (who wins the local Tuesday ride) 3) I'm a junior 4) I work at a trek dealer...I want a hardtail bike (w/ or w/o front suspension), disc brakes and sram x7 quality drivetrain for a about 600 or less. It doesn't need to be a trek or gary fisher, but if it is one, i'll get the price down to 35 to 45% off what you see at the store. also if the bike is cheap enough I could upgrade and buy the x7 for around 100 myself. i'm not sure if this deal even exist so i've need help finding it.    

      Well....and this might be stating the obvious....but if you work at a Trek store, why don't you start there?

      Or Specialized has some good bikes, the Hardrock or Myka HT would leave you enough change for upgrades.

      But there are a ton of manufacturers, check out the websites of Giant, GT, Norco, Brodie etc They will all have bikes in your pricerange....good luck

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        My sponsor's going to fix me up with something sweet like that, but I have to move to .... 

        You want a better deal than working at a trek dealer??  Actually, try matching the MB specs vs price at Bikesdirect.com.  Good luck! 

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          Another rec for bikesdirect.com (check the Windsor with XT-level components for $499.  Hardtail and hard to beat with that level of components. 


          MTA - actually the 700HT might be the better bike and it's reduced to $449.




            i know it sounds weird that an bike employee is looking for a better deal...but I'm only a part time employee (thanks to the economy) and i don't get the same deals as the full time workers...I checked out the site and it's pretty tempting to get. thanks for your thoughts


              I'd go for a hardtail, with discs and get the best group set you can afford, full suspension is not worthwhile unless you go well upmarket.


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                I'm a first timer, too and I started this year with a 1990 Trek 950.  (Hard tail, rigid fork) It's a great lugged steel frame, very compliant (but not that stiff...) Great for learning how to pick your lines. 



                Something like this would give you a much better idea of what you like to do and and what you want when you get your next bike. I bought mine for >$100 and could probably sell it for the same price in a couple years when I buy the "real" mountain bike. 


                  I have a Gary Fisher Marlin and love it.  You may want to go with the 29ers they offer.

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