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    ETA:  I don't swim much anymore, but as a teen a swam a ton, including frequently opening my eyes under water, and never once lost a contact.  YMMV.


    I'm not great with acronyms, and never really knew what POD or YMMV meant until I asked.   I think YMMV means "Your Mileage May Vary".

    Because of that, I chuckled when I read this.

    Although we all agree that our mileage may vary, I'm not sure how it works within this context.

    Technically, there's swimming mentioned in the previous sentence, so maybe it's "Your Meters May Vary", but since it's short course yard season, it really should be YYMV (Your Yards May Vary).

    Regardless, I understood what the previous sentence meant, and I assume you meant something like "Your experience may vary", which might be an acronym like YEMV Smile

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      I know you didn't ask about this specifically, but I have to second the whole Lasik kudos if that is an option for you. I had it done well over 10 years ago and I love it. I could not imagine going back to glasses now (contacts and me never worked well together).


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        Just returned from my doctors appointment and we swapped out the contacts for a different brand. It's night and day better. The doctor took a look after I mentioned that I thought they were moving around and he agreed that they didn't look like they fit very well. When I went in to get the contacts, my doctor never saw me that day. I was basically shown how to put the contacts in, take them out and clean them.


        Why didn't he look at them when I was there for my contact lens lesson? I wore them for a week and he could see they didn't fit well.


        We also adjusted the distance vision lens. So far my eyes feel less like they have something in hem besides the contacts.


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          Great to hear.  I hope you come to love them as much as I do.

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