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    I created a training plan with mileage goals per day.  On the days I run with my GPS I'd like to be able to connect that data as a completed task to what I had planned for that day.  Instead, it doesn't mark the day as completed and doubles up the entries...Am I missing something?

      When saving the entry you may need to pick the workout from the Planned Workout drop-down to get them to match up.

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        Just to add some detail to the (correct) information from kmark:


        When you're entering the workout, select the matching training plan event from the drop list in the Training Plan Entry section, immediately underneath the date/time.

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          If you have a planned workout, the system should automatically match it with a completed workout if the relationship can be easily deduced.  You might have discovered a bug in the code.  Could you provide me with a list of steps to reproduce the problem?


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            "doubles up the entries" makes it sound that not only does it not mark it as complete, it lists it as a workout?


            Did you create a training plan in the training plan section or did you enter new (future dated) runs?

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