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    I had a seizure, well 3 actually, 2 weeks ago and feel completely devastated by this again. To complicate my history. I was a typical UK male - no go the doctors until 2 years ago when I had a stroke. I made a fairly quick recovery and was gently running after 2 months and built up to taking part in a regular weekly 5K but nothing more. The stroke was all unexplained ... Low cholesterol, low BP, good BMI non smoker, v low drinker no othr conditions so I resumed running & cycling trouble free but resigned to being less competitive/aggressive.I'm 44 , 5'11 and 148ibs Then 2 weeks ago out of the blue in a restaurant in London my wife thought I was having a stroke .. but had seizure in ambulance and 2 more seizures in the hospital. Im home now and trying to move forward. I'm also struggling with the medication which leaves me drained and feverish at times. I read there are 600,000 UK epileptics but I can't find any info on people who run with epilepsy but more importantly people who encountered their problems in their 40s As with all runners its part of our makeup so Is there anyone else who was diagnosed later in life but was able to resume running? Thx in advance Paul

      I cannot help - Sorry for your plight.  I had epilepsy as a child.  I had a grand mal at age 6 and a small episode at age 9.  I was on medication until age 12.  It made me lethargic and my grades were poor.  As soon as I was off medication my grades went to the top and I was a bundle of energy.  I have not had an issue or episode since.  Hopfefully it passes for you or they figure a root cause - Good luck in your search for information.

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        I'm epileptic, and I run. Doesn't affect me a bit. Of course, I'm pretty lucky in that my seizures have been completely controlled since 2004 by virtue of some small lifestyle changes and meds. I'd bet I could do without the meds, too, but they don't seem to cause me any trouble, and I'm a little afraid to try going off them. I do occasionally have an "aura" that reminds me I'd better get some sleep tonight, or lay off the coffee. In my case, we've never figured out an underlying cause. Exercise seems to help rather than hurt. 


        There are a lot of different kinds of meds, too. If this one isn't agreeing with you, try another.


        Of course, there's always a chance I could have another one when I'm out for a run. Or when driving a car, or painting the house, etc. I don't worry about it much these days given my history, but it used to bug me. There's always going to be a chance.


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          Don't despair, there are options.  My wife has had epilepsy for 22 years  and we have learned a lot on controlling it and 

          medicines that work.  At first she felt like you but we went back to the doctor and started exploring different meds and doses.

          Eventually, we found a med that worked and, starting at a high dose, backed it down until it was too little- coming back up to a

          proper dose.  Since then she has been on a minimal dosage and feels a lot better. ( This was all under close medical supervision by her neurologist.)

          She now is active and working, most people don't even know she has it.  Big grin   Of course, the level of meds needed varies in 

          each situation but I think that you should explore the situation and not take it for granted that you have to feel lousy

          all the time.  Good luck.  

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             As with all runners its part of our makeup 


            I have nothing to offer you, except that I can identify with the difficulty of facing losing what some may only see as a hobby but those of us who are runners know is much more.  Best of luck with your path forward and....most of all....never give up.

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              I have nothing to offer you, except that I can identify with the difficulty of facing losing what some may only see as a hobby but those of us who are runners know is much more.  Best of luck with your path forward and....most of all....never give up.


              I couldn't have said this better. 

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                Thanks to everyone for taking time to respond to my cry. The old adage of a 'Problem shared is a problem halved'. It also shows me how wonderful the whole running community is . Fellow runners realise why we crave getting outdoors with our trainers on more than any drug could hook us. I've been doing a lot of sole searching and reading up on epilepsy and it makes for interesting info. I thought this was my first incident but now recall a couple of faints I put down to other issues Epilepsy is all about thresholds and I guess the following all contribute Fatigue Lack of sleep Caffeine Stress & worry I guess for me - some worries , not getting any younger and the iPhone curse for me 'scramble with friends' will all not have helped. I reckon I have scope to further improve my lifestyle and hopefully be running again soon. Love this site and especially the people who contribute. Happy Running All Paul aka Cardy