Calories burned calculation? (Read 1080 times)

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      My watch does my calorie calculation for me; not sure how accurate it is; but maybe add a field where we can either type it in manually or have it calculate.
      The log automatically calculates the calories if you enter your weight and distance. I can't guarantee its accuracy, but I say it's no worse than what your watch says. You can see the calories when you view your run entry (as opposed to editing it). eric Smile
        I think you will need to add the elevation somewhere in the equation. The best way to do it would be: E = climb * weight * g; where E is the energy output in joules, climb is in meters, weight is in kg and g = 9.81 The energy expenditure is E_in = E / efficiency. Efficiency ranges from 0.14 to 0.27 for cycling. You could just use the 0.27 value and let users plug in their own estimates perhaps. To convert to kcal, simply divide by 4184 a lot of my climbs are done at a pace smaller than 10km/h but at a climb rate of more than 10meters/min I personally use my HRM to estimate the calories so I could plug a value in if I needed to.
        I will include this when I redo the log. I need to add more fields to the cycling page. eric Smile