Sheehan essay on spirit/enthusiasm for running and life (Read 65 times)



    Fantastic essay (longish but worth reading to the end). Here's a quote:


    But all too soon, we become members of the herd. We learn herd rules, herd regulations, herd morality, herd ethics. We become part of society. Society must be preserved, so we accept the obligations it imposes.

    Others have raised questions about this necessity. "Are we sent here," asked Thoreau, "to do chores and hold horses?" The answer, says society, is yes. Work has to be done. And if work is not available, then make-work has to be devised. We must be kept busy. The idle mind begins to think, the idle body begins to play, and that is dangerous for the herd.

    In such moments, those childlike moments, we may see ourselves as we are and recognize the life we should live.

    Not dead. Yet.

      He's an incredible author and motivator.  I've read several of his books.  "Running & Being" was the one that really made it all click for me.  Such a beautiful style of writing and he always finds the truth of things.


      Thanks for posting.

      How can we know our limits if we don't test them?