Exported Data but cannot import my data now (Read 469 times)


    I exported all of my data and then when I tried to import it all it says the file is to large but I also don't see a running ahead xml import feature.  Am I missing something?


    I have a rather large file as it is over a few years worth of data.  Could that be the problem?  It mentioned a data file size limit. 


      What are you trying to accomplish by importing your data to another account?  You can't import RA data back into RA because by definition, your data is already on RA.


      eric :-)


        I am interested in doing this as well. Being able to import data that RA exports seems like a no-brainer to me. I would like to export everything to XML, do bulk edits (which RA does not current support) and either 1. delete all workouts on my account and then import all the edited workouts, or if need be, 2) import everything to a new account, and start using that new account.