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    As I am getting back into running after a bit of time off, I am currently running every other day for injury prevention.  (48 year old male).  I also want to incorporate some squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups etc. to build some strength--again for injury prevention and to gain some overall strength.  My injury issue that can pop its head is ITB issues.


    My question is, should I do to the squats etc on my running off days, or do them before/after the run?  Thoughts?


    I am not going to be high mileage--I've done the marathon thing in the past.  Now I am looking to set a 5k time goal before I turn 50.


    Thoughts anyone.


      I think the best thing is that you maintain good form, good form in your strength work and good form in your running. So, do what helps you do that, can you do your squats/lunges... before your run and still maintain good running form? Can you run first and come home and then have good form for the strength work? Or do you need to do in on the off days so you have a bit of time to rest? Also, how much time do you have? Are you disciplined enough to get up on your off running days to do strength work? I think you have to figure out what you will be able to consistently maintain. Personally, when uninjured Wink I would run first thing in the morning come home and cool down, stretch, foam roll. two hours later i would meet some friends at the gym for strength work. I needed some other people to work out with to stay disciplined with the strength stuff. I ran five days per week and did strength training three to four times per week

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        I work from home 3 days per week.  On those days, I run before work and do strength training after work.  I try to do lower body stuff on the days I do a harder run (keep hard days hard and easy days easy).


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