Interval Runs using time only (Read 594 times)

    Hi there As always, I am sure I am just being dense but none the less I am stumped!! I often do an interval run where I run for a certain time (say 5mins) then walk for 2 minutes and repeat this over and over and over. When I try and add the intervals into my log if I don't have the distance I travelled it won't bring up the 'Add' button so I can't do it. I often know how far my whole run is but I don't make a note of where I was on my route when I finished each bit, especially if I'm doing 15 or 20 intervals (my brain just can't cope Confused) and even if I did it seems awfully long winded way to have to plot the course and note down how far I went on each interval. So I guess my question is - Is there a way to plot interval runs using just time or do I need to figure out/make up distances too Undecided?? Thanks guys and gals Vicki
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      Vicki, You could create a new course. New Course Name: Run5/Walk2 Surface: ignore Default Distance: ignore [Save] When you log in your New Run Entry you could choose Type: Interval, Course: Run5/Walk2 and then put in your total Distance: and Duration:. That way you can simply ignore the dropdown boxes for the intervals. OR.............. You could create a new run type called Run5/Walk2 Options > My Log Preferences > Running > Types: Just a thought. Either way would be much easier and less time consuming than logging each interval. ~ Arlene
        Actually, it's a good point you bring up, and I had thought about starting a thread about the same thing, except the reverse. don't know why you need both Time and Distance to enter an interval. Some of my past workouts I do by feel so I have the interval distances but not the times, so I have to make up some generic time to enter them in. Would it be possible to enter intervals using just time or just distance? It won't let you add them unless you have both. In response to Arlene, I think that would work but I for one would prefer intervals to be in the separate interval charts, I just like to see it all listed out there.

          Would it be possible to enter intervals using just time or just distance?
          Sean, if we could enter either/or, I might actually take the time to enter intervals, LOL!