Golf ball heaven (Read 154 times)


    My physical therapist recommended a golf ball to massage my feet. I had post tib tendonitis. I feel that ever since I've began rolling my feet on the ball, any nagging "almost might be coming back" post tib "feelings" are gone and my feet feel extra flexible and springy.





    1) Apply golf ball to the floor.

    2) Sit down, don't stand. Standing is too much weight and poor control.

    3) Use the pressure of the weight of your feet and roll slowly up and down a line on your feet.

    4) When you find a tender spot, pause and let the pressure of the golf ball work its magic. Relax.


    The golf ball is perfect. Any larger balls are too large. And often too soft.


    It's the best thing ever!


    Go figure

      I do it so often I've actually rubbed the cover off of two golf balls.  It's good stuff for sure.

      Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


        I have a standing workstation, and have a little ball on the ground Smile Every once in a while I'll massage my feet with it!


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