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    Iam running in a 5K in a bout a week. What should my workout be like the day before the race, and what should I eat (how soon before the race?) the morning of the race. I run quite a bit so if I miss a day of running, I feel that my whole week is shot. Thanks for your assistance.

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      Not an easy question to answer. For me, it depends on the race. For something less than a half mary, I'm usually good with my morning coffee. As far as the day before....Again, sort of depends on the race. If it's an important race where I'm really concerned about time, then I might do some easy miles. If it's a training race, I'll do whatever I have planned out for the weekend. For a 5k, I wouldn't go to heavy with the food. Generally speaking, they say nothing real solid within 3 hours of race time. But, it's a general rule of thumb that can vary from person to person. I will say, don't try something new that morning, though.
        I don't eat breakfast and I do my training runs at 5:30am. Since all the 5Ks I've done are also in the morning, I don't eat before the race. Last Sat I did a 5K and I ran an easy 7 miles the days before. I have another 5K this Sat and I also plan to run an easy 7 miles. I did a 5K 2 weeks ago and I did take it easy 2 days before without any running and I felt a bit sluggish on the day of the race. There may have been other reasons for the sluggishness, but since running 7 miles before my most recent 5K didn't seem to hurt me, I see no reason to not do it again. Since I'm new to racing, I've just been experimenting to see what works for me.


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          For any distance, I generally do a short, easy run the day before, with an easy warmup then a few "strides" . The strides would be a few repeats of 30 seconds to a minute at your goal race pace, with easy recoveries between. This will get you comfortable with the pace you plan to run. As far as eating, the general consensus is nothing closer than 3 hours or so before the race.

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            I appreciate your help. Thanks.