Chicago Marathon 2007 registration is NOW OPEN!! (Read 520 times)

    Hope to see some of you there!!! Cool

      I've run Chicago for the last two years... I love it! I don't think it will work with my schedule this year, but I'm still tempted to push everything aside to run this excellent marathon! Tongue
        It's the 30th anniversary of this race, too!
          Chicago was my first, a decade ago. I'll be back one of these days. Beautiful city, beautiful run.
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          Chicago 26.2 07

            I registered this morning. I ran my first 5K this last September and got "hooked" on running. I am setting the Chicago as a goal for my first of many marathons to come. See you there
              I registered today. Booked my hotel. I'll be staying at the Essex Inn which is supposed to be 0.25 miles from the start and finish. This will be my first marathon.



                I'm, like, so there, dude. See you other nutbags in October.