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eric :)

    I know this is hard to believe, but it was only after I added weight training that I realized that I've gotten completely carried away with this site. My original goal was to create a running log that does more than just logging, and now it's pretty much a full blown exercise log. It's more than what I envisioned, and I'm glad that I did it. The new features are piling on faster than I can add them. There'll be plenty of work for me in the years to come. I haven't made a post here since November, because I invested all of my time into adding new features, as my Christmas and New Year's presents to you. The last major addition was weight training. Even though this is primarily a running site, some of you do weight training, and I want you to keep all your data on one site. A couple of you have indicated to me that you will continue to use multiple sites to record your data, and I'll take that as a personal challenge to win you completely over. Weight training took a lot longer than I planned. Part of the problem is that I know nothing about weight training. Like many runners, I don't do it, and I knew nothing about it other than it involves moving iron from point A to point B many times. I tried out several new ideas with the weight training form, such as the editable dropdown list with auto complete. The desired outcome is that you would not notice these enhancements. I'll be integrating these ideas into other parts of the site to make the site even easier to use. I am currently working on displaying your cross training data on the summary page, and making all the other pages be cross training friendly. It's not an easy task, but it will be done. In the mean while, please bear with me. eric Smile

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      George: Runner/Law Student

        Well, I certainly appreciate how carried away you've gotten, as while I like to run, I'd never, ever call myself a runner. Weight lifting is as important to me and my health as running is, as are other cross training activities. This site would be much less useful, and probably less friendly for me, if it only logged running. So thank you!