Looking for medical advice (Read 277 times)

    Hopefully the final update!


    Feeling about 1000% better these days.


    I have been going to a chiropractor the past 3 weeks or so, getting some active release work done and what a difference.  The calf muscles can actually move now and that seems to have broken up the entire posterior chain (achilles, plantar, hamstrings, hips).


    Back to doing long runs, speed work, etc.


    Still not sure what cause it all in the first place?  Lack of stretching, trauma, something viral?  Either way, I highly recommend ART if you can find someone that does it well.


    Thanks again for all your posts and suggestions.

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      Someone I know has been through this before! I think you've had the same symptoms but she had to go on bed rest because she just couldn't handle it well. Even the doctors couldn't tell what's exactly the cause. It wore away after a few a week.

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